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The Dealer Bourse for Milcopex 2015 will include a number of stamp dealers from around the United States, including the following. 

Table(s)          Dealer and location                     Specialties

1  Davidson Stamp Service, Indianapolis, IN - Full Line Supplies, Worldwide New Issues, Collections, Appraisals

 2 - Lake Country Stamps, Hartland, WI  - US & Worldwide Stamps and Cover

3 & 4 & 5 Coins, Stamps n Stuff, Des Moines, IA - United States Stamps and Covers

 6 David Alex, Glenview, IL - U.S. Singles, Plate Blocks, Coils, Back of the Book, Revenues, Ducks, and Possessions

7 Rasdale Stamp Co, Westmont, IL - U.S and Worldwide Stamps and Collections, Public Auctions, Appraisals

8 William B. Robinson, Green Bay, WI - U.S. and Worldwide, Covers

 9 Denny Peoples, Indianapolis, IN - U.S. & Canada covers, Postcards, Revenues, Cinderellas, Ephemera, Xmas Seals

12 Farrell Stamps, Brookfield, IL  - Worldwide Stamps, Appraisals

14 SDE Philatelics, Hubertus, WI - Worldwide Stamps, Postal History

 16 MCXI Philatelics, Libertyville, IL Website  - Colonial material, Worldwide, British Empire

 17 - Bardo Stamps, Buffalo Grove, IL - United States Stamps #1 to date

 18 -  William Hatton, Piqua, OH - U.S. & Worldwide Stamps and Covers, Documents, Picture Postcards

19 George Enstrom, Byron, IL - U.S. to #679, Back of Book, Errors, Ducks

20 A & H Stamps of Minnesota, Bloomington, MN - Worldwide Stamps and Postal History, Germany All areas

21 Frank Bachenheimer, Glenview, IL  - United States Stamps, U.S. Revenues, U.S. Possessions

 22 Mark Reasoner Stamps, Columbus, OH  - U.S. and Worldwide Stamps, Covers, Collections

 23 Fox River Stamps Salem, WI - U.S. Plate Number Coils, Errors, First Day Covers, Postal History, Box Lots

 25 C & D Philatelics, Ruby, VA  - Worldwide covers, Naval Covers, Space, First Day Covers, Postal History

 26 Gold Path Inc., Carmel, IN - Asia, Classics, Collections

 27 M & S Hobbies, Indianapolis, IN   Website - U.S. and Worldwide Singles, Sets, and Collections

 28 - University Ave. Stamps, Middleton, WI  - U.S. Singles, Duck Stamps, Collections, Box Lots

 30 & 31 Smyth's Stamp Shop, Onalaska, WI Worldwide New Issues and Topicals

 32 & 33 & 34 The Classic Philatelist, Crossville, TN  - U.S. stamps, Covers, and Postal History to 1940; Philatelic literature

36 ROMP Cachets, New Berlin, WI First Day Cover maker John Ramppainen

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