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Dr. Seuss Contest Winners


            As part of Milcopex 2004, the Milwaukee Philatelic Society sponsored a Dr. Seuss writing contest as a part of their campaign to put the “phun” back into philately.  The United States Postal Service issued a new commemorative stamp on March 2, 2004, featuring the likenesses of six characters from his popular children’s books as well as a photograph of Theodor Geisel, better known to the world as Dr. Seuss.

            The contest was open to adults and youth alike.  The challenge was to write an original verse in the style of Dr. Seuss incorporating the idea of mail delivery, stamp collecting, or anything related to postal matters or philately.  There was no limit as to the length.  It could be a short verse or a parody of one of his books.

            Seuss had an interesting writing style that is technically referred to as anapestic tetrameter.  (The Night Before Christmas is a well-known example of this verse style.)  The style is characterized by rhythmic phrasing, rhyming words, full of tongue twisters, and highly inventive vocabulary.  They style is quick and fluid.

             Winning entries were announced at MILCOPEX on September 3, 2004, in conjunction with the unveiling of the new Cloudscapes stamps.  Prizes were awarded in the adult and youth categories.  Youth ages up to 9 (5 entries), 10 – 12 (5 entries), and 13 – 16 (1 entry) were judged separately.  First place winners in each category will receive a stuffed Cat in the Hat animal as well as a philatelic gift.  All youth entrants will receive a philatelic gift for their participation.  Adult prizes were awarded to first, second, and third place winners.  There were 13 adult entries. 

            Our thanks to Amy Waldman, who judged the Adult competition.


Youth up to 9 years:

    1st:    Joshua M.  Letter Carriers

    2nd:    Sara Y.  Stamps are Cool

    3rd:    Gabe M.  One day there was hail

Youth 10-12 years:

    1st:    Becca Y.  I Like Stamps

Youth 13-16

    1st:    Ruth C.    Mail Time


    1st:    Kat Henak  Bob the Donkey Sorts the Stamps

    2nd:    Margaret Eshbaugh  Rick Licks Gramp's Stamps

    3rd (tie):    Erika St. Dennis  The 500 Stamps of Miss Philla O'Tellic

                      Dennis Moore  Philately - The Waiting Game

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